School for Robots is an alternative mutating collection of musicians from Boston, gathered together to froth wildly with depraved abandon since 2004, when bandleader Curtis Killian began releasing a series of home recordings under the School for Robots moniker. Drawing from disparate rock & roll influences including the likes of Tom Ze, Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa, and the Kinks, Curtis writes several songs a week, recording them in both traditional and home studios, such as 2012's DIY opus No Prancing Required, which was recorded in a Somerville garage.

What started out as a forced dance ritual to the eponymous 1968 children's song by Canadian electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack quickly became a fitting moniker for these little sonic vignettes, augmented through obsessive overdubbing and crude sonic experimentation, and most recently a good old fashioned band making music in a room together.

With live configurations of one to six members, sometimes with two drummers, one never knows what to expect from a live show, but it is a fine optional entertainment choice that includes an ever-expanding repertoire of intriguing sounds and elephantine rock tunes tightly executed by an extremely adequate band. Commencing forced dance ritual!

Curtis Killian: guitar, vocals, fearless leader.

Clinton Degan: guitar, vocals, pocket piano, ham sandwich.

Abram Taber: bass, vocals, soup.

Frank Hegyi: drums, trunk-fulla-tambourines, action, extreme close-ups.

Maxwell Butler: keys, synth wizardry.

Cullen Corley: drums, fake jam band beats, timelapse.

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